The Pitcher of Propriety

Since when has the fun-lovin’, party-crashin’ Kool Aid pitcher started wearing pants?
Until a month ago or so, I hadn’t seen this jovial juice giant for quite some time. I actually wondered where he was. Or if he, like the old football-toting Gino’s icon, was no more … replaced by an icon more wizened and wise. (That’d be trusty yet not quite crusty finger-licker Colonel Sanders.) Then, when I least expected it — just like old times! — the Kool Aid guy burst onto the screen of my good ol’ fashioned teevee set, and I fairly leapt to my feet, unable to restrain my giddy glee.
But what was this? Something was different about the jolly pitcher. Was he wearing … oh my god, yes, he was … he was sporting pants! Pants! There was no mistaking it. I even pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. But lo, there he was, in all his cheery cherry glory … in dark-wash dungarees (no, not jeans … dungarees) yanked way up to the base of his grinning glass pitcher head.
So … when did this happen? And why?
I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, the party’s over. It’s about as fizzless as the powdered soft drink mix touted by the pantsified pitcher. And that’s definitely not Kool.