For you, a diversion: The answer

Remember Monday? Way back, like, four days ago? When I invited you to guess what a certain dish was?
I know you have been sitting on pins und needles since then, so, because I am not too much of a sadist, I am finally revealing the answer today. Look:

Creamed spinach gratin and prunes with cognac
Yes, that’s right: prunes. Much-maligned prunes. And cognac. A drink I associate with the particularly stuffy and pretentious. Indeed, ascot-and-monocle-sporting cognac types would probably benefit from a heapin’ dishful of prunes. (wink to Camera 2)
This dish was enjoyed at Gobo, my favorite place in all the land, along with this one:

Black sesame mushroom roll with mango chutney
Arnold Horshack’s likeness did not greet me upon completion of this dish, but I was so satisfied otherwise that I barely even noticed.

I will be adding these delights, along with several other never before seen photos, to the Jodeats gallery later today. For more shots of Gobo’s gastronomic gems, go here: Gobo-a-Gogo