Mystery Monday

Take a gander at these peaches (white! organic!) I bought at Whole Foods yesterday morning:

Which of the following did I think within the first seven seconds of seeing them?

  1. Those are some big-ass motherfuckin’ peaches.
  2. I like your peaches, want to shake your tree.
  3. They’re bigger’n m’ tits!
  4. Juicy! (but pronounced “JOOOOO-sehhhhhh!”)
  5. Peachtree, Georgia
  6. Life’s a peach!
  7. Keen, comma, peachy!

I was going to post this in the morning so you would have all day at work/school/home to play along. Because yes, I knew you would contribute. You would participate. You would not hide in a closet and cry because it’s Monday and you just can’t face another week of work/school/home, you just can’t. But as the time-stamp attests, I am posting this just before 5:00, when you really don’t need diversion anymore because you’re going home to a nice macaroni and cheese dinner and sparkling conversation with your family.
But play along anyway. Be a peach.