Mystery! (solved)

OK, kids. I know you’re chomping at the bit. I know many of you are sitting on pins and needles, and some of you on kaiser rolls and pickles, waiting for me to show you the photo I referred to on Thursday. Note that I did not say I would definitely show you the photo on Friday, so please put a sock in it if you have been grumbling that I did not live up to a promise. Do not be a baby. With some exceptions, I do not like babies. Except when the babies also happen to be puppies.
Like this one (the subject of the mystery photo):

Java the Pup

You may remember this beautiful girl from the other day. Here she is enjoying her morning coffee. As if a dog alone isn’t enough to make me swoon beyond all belief, well, a dog drinking my favorite beverage is just about enough to make me fall down on the ground and flail as if suffering a grand mal seizure, which is almost what I did when I witnessed this activity on Monday morning. (Oh, and for the record — because, as always, I know you are keeping one — the grand mal seizure I nearly suffered was the fun kind and did not require the insertion of a wooden block or a block of extra-firm tofu between my teeth as a safety precaution).
Now, before you write to me and say, “Oh, Jodi, that’s mighty cute, but really, is that safe?” please note that Sara’s mom gives her coffee every morning, and Sara is almost 16 years old (5 November is her birthday! mark your calendars!), so obviously she’s doing something right.
Canines can caffeinate!