Containing Myself

This morning as I was regarding an empty pack of TicTacs and blaming its inability to dispense just one mini-mint at a time (yes yes, I know, “a poor carpenter blames his tools”) for my habitual TicTac overdose (or “TTOD”, as the medical professionals have noted on my charts) due to my inability (see, now the carpenter is blaming herself!), or, really, unwillingness, to reverse the extra mints’s trajectory and return them to the pack, unmolested, I realized, “This little dispenser doesn’t quite do it for me.” I got a little depressed, and then started thinking about containers of yore that never failed to uplift my spirits and cause me perhaps inordinate delight. Because I do not want you to get depressed and thus overdose on something much more potent than TicTacs, I will now share with you a list of those containers. Please note that this list is by no means complete and that the order of these items in no way reflects the enjoyment received by each.

  • Tin Sucrets® (cherry) box with hinged lid
  • Tin Band-Aids® box with hinged lid
  • Cigar box
  • Tiny plastic treasure chest in which to place “lost” baby tooth for tooth fairy to find and replace with enough money to buy candy to encourage tooth decay and expedite loss of more teeth
  • Black plastic film container with separate gray lid
  • Pringles® can (original, red)
  • L’eggs® pantyhose egg
  • Silly Putty® egg
  • Red and white foil-lined Chinese food bag to keep spare ribs and/or egg rolls hot
  • Plastic cigar tube with white plastic lid that fit perfectly inside rim, thus ensuring the security of the coins (given to me by my grandfather) stacked inside
  • Zip-Loc® baggies
  • Plastic coin purse
  • Collapsible cup with pill box. My grandmother had one of these, and I cannot (will not) tell you how much time I spent marvelling over it. I may have even stolen it from her at some point.

And, of course, Pez®. But that’s a love affair that deserves its own entry. Another time.