The Poll Truth

It’s been POLLZAPALOOZA around here. I know, I know. Two of ’em (“Mystery Monday” and “Oh, how … sweet”) in one week! And it’s finally time for me to close them and officially present the results. Which means this: Don’t go running to those entries to try to vote. You can’t, anyway, for “Art or Trash?”, because I screwed up and “archived” it and now it doesn’t appear in the original entry. The Jodi of the past would have thrown a tantrum, but the Jodi of the present is just shrugging her shoulders and saying, “Shit happens,” the utterance of which is enough to cause Jodi of the Past to resurrect herself, just for the sublime satisfaction of punching Jodi of the Present in the spleen.
So. The polls. Here are the results for “Art or Trash?”:

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I am disappointed in the 31 (45%) of you who thought I would actually touch this garbage. Likewise, I am disappointed in the 30 (43%) of you who chose the pedestrian, middle of the road, bland, safe, vanilla option. However, I am blissfully in love with the eight (12%) of you who voted “Art”. I am tempted to do a poll just for The GR8 8, the nickname I bestow upon you with adoration, to determine whether that choice was a serious one or one made with the sort of humor I so enjoy (the every popular “tongue in cheek” variety that’s always in vogue with me).
The other poll is the one relating to the Marzipan Babies (which, as we later learned, were not really marzipan). (What I didn’t tell you was that I learned that way too late, and broke a tooth on one of those little bastards.) Here are those results:

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As you can see, 28 (37%) of the respondents answered incorrectly, and as punishment (or reward?) must chip in to buy me this:

Check out the auction here. Or, if, for whatever reason, you cannot access that page or are forbidden by your religion to visit eBay, check it out here.
Please note the seller’s comment: “Not sure why there’s a hole in his crotch area. Doesn’t interfer [sic] with the way body could be used.” (sick)
Please note mine: Why assume, Seller, that it is a male doll? Evidence suggests the opposite.
I am tempted to create another poll, emtitled, “The Hole Poll”, to suggest uses for the crotchole (pronounced “krah-sho-LAY”, which is French for “Ohhhhh, giiiiirl, don’t even go there”), but I won’t. I’ll let you ponder that on your own.
*Not to be confused with the popular catch phrase of the 1960’s, “Click to, bigot!” (Google it!)