Hagging Thought

You know how it’s always a sound idea to surround yourself with friends who make you look good? (And by good, I mean better than they.)* I mean, that’s what “they” say. (And no, not the same “they” as I mentioned in the other parentheses.)** I don’t do this, though, of course. All of my friends are good-looking and in tip-top physical shape. All of my friends glow.
Well, in light of this notion, I can’t help but wonder: With whom does the bearded lady surround herself? Who in the circus is less attractive than she is? I have given this more than just a little thought while riding on the subway (yes, that’s what I’m thinking when you see me twitching with laughter in my seat), and I have yet to come up with an answer.
Can you help me out?
P.S. You can still vote in my poll. It will remain open through the “close of business” on Sunday. (Yes, my “business” is open on Sunday.) (wink)
* Note:  This is proper English. Although it is tempting to say “them” instead of “they”, I cannot do it. I simply can and will not. I am so dedicated to proper grammar that I will risk sounding like a stiff 17th century twit in a ruffled collar and powdered wig.
** Yes, it is my intent to drive you bonkers with the parenthetical blatherskite. (And yes, the gentlefolk of the 17th century did use the word “bonkers”. It’s just not widely known. But now it will be, thanks to me.)