Wash Up With That?

The weirdest thing happened this morning. I went downstairs to the laundry room, put a load of sheets in one of the washing machines, added detergent, came back upstairs, and started roasting some chestnuts over an enclosed fire (this is NYC, after all, and there are ordinances). I was all happy and snappy, daydreaming about how, just 15 minutes earlier, I’d been taking advantage of the fact that the strike is over by luxuriating on one of the plush blue seats of the M5. (Tip for Out-of-Towners and Oblivious Natives: The row of seats at the very back of the bus has the best and snuggliest heat!) I closed my eyes and delighted in the kaleidoscope of images dancing behind my eyelids. Images not of sugarplum fairies and elves in sexy green tights and figgy pudding, but of the bus, doing its bussy thing: winking its turn signal at me as it pulls over to the curb on Riverside to pick me up; barrelling through the intersection at 72nd and Broadway like an M5 on a mission; hissing its back doors open, prompted by only my gentle caress on the yellow rubber strip; and a whole host of other activities I’m way too lady-like to mention.
Eventually my senses came back to me and I went back down to the laundry room to transfer the sheets to the dryer. I flipped the lid to reach into the wet hot compacted mass of tangled flannel, but instead was met with a tub full of wet hot dishes, glasses, and flatware. It wasn’t until I looked down at the bottle of detergent I’d left sitting on the floor by the washer that I realized I’d brought down (and thus used) dishwasher detergent instead of laundry. I must say I’m mightily impressed with these new-fangled soap products that not only adjust themselves to accommodate the machine’s water temperature but are also savvy enough to adjust the contents of the machine to accommodate the detergent.
I just hope the dryer is smart enough to realize it’s been loaded with dishes and glasses and takes the necessary measures to ensure a minimum of breakage. (The flatware I’m not worried about.)