Aqua Dessa, oh yessa

I can’t stand a liar. Hate being fleeced. Can’t stand being duped. Loathe being taken for a fool. It’s bad enough when a person does it, but even worse when a product does. At least when when a person does it, you can have the satisfaction of calling him on it to his face. But with a product? Writing a letter to the company responsible for the lie just isn’t the same.
Many products lie to me. I’ve written about it before, here and here. Of course, these two products represent only a fraction of those that have promised me great things and failed to deliver. If I had a French fry for every product that’s pissed me off, I’d be one fat motherfucker by now.
But hey, not every product lets me down. Some of them do quite the opposite, and exceed all expectations. Take, for example, Aqua Dessa White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Scrub:

Serving Suggestion
I haven’t been this excited about a health/beauty aid since I discovered Bonne Belle maple-flavored LipSmackers maybe 30 years ago. Or cherry Chapstick.
Of course, the spoon is optional. If you’re a true sensualist with a healthy distaste for domestic chores, you’ll save yourself the bother of having to wash a spoon, and do what I do:

Dig in
When my friend Cameron bought this for me for my birthday in October, he told me not to eat it. He should have known better. All I can say is that if Aqua Dessa doesn’t want me eating this stuff, they shouldn’t label it as “pure enough to eat” and “100% vegetarian”.
The label also says it is “99.75% Natural”. But since it’s 100% vegetarian, I don’t really care. The .25% that’s not natural can’t be meat, so I have no beef with it.
The only concern I have is that once I run out of the white chocolate macadamia, I’ll be compelled to buy another product from the same line, and I just know it’s going to be this. If it’s half as delicious as this one, I’m in big trouble.
At least this product doesn’t lie, though, and for that I must commend it. Oh, and it works great in the shower, too.

Ladies, the nail polish color is Essie® Swing Velvet.