Oh, for the love of Chris!

I can’t believe Chris (my son) (so now you know) did this to me. I can’t believe that after all we’ve been through, he would do this to me. After I accompanied him to Peter Pan. After I let him drag me by the well-manicured, ever-so-soft hand to a Jack und Kate Spade sample sale where, despite my distrust and general hatred of designer bags, I fondled a really groovy one that I thought could “rock” my gym and Pilates gear before I set it back on the table, unbought (at least by me).
So, what is the “this” that Chris has done to me? How has this Chris dissed the Miss? With a MEME. Yes, a meme. He’s memed his mom, so I’ve got to play along, because if I don’t, what kind of example am I setting for him, right? Right.
And now, without further ado, here I go:
Four jobs you’ve had in your life:
– mall interviewer
– seller of the Elsam elevated veterinary table
– blow
– hand
Four movies you could watch over and over:
– Roman Holiday
– Breakfast at Tiffany’s
– Pillow Talk
– Edward Scissorhands
Four places you’ve lived:
– Uptown
– Downtown
– Philadelphia
– Plishkrim, Plonzikrat
Four TV shows you love to watch:
– Huff
– Hope and Faith (yes, I mean it) (shut up) (Kelly, I love you)
– The Dog Whisperer
– The “Tiny House” GEICO commercial (technically not a show, but I’m counting it anyway since I really don’t “love” any of the shows above and struggled to come up with even one that didn’t make me want to punch this question in the crotch)
Four places you’ve been on vacation:
– Spain
– Italy
– Greece
– France
Four websites you visit daily:
– comics.com/comics/marmaduke/index.html
– www.drudgereport.com
– www.weather.com (ZIP code-specific page, but I will not divulge my ZIP code)
– www.jodiverse.com
Four of your favorite foods:
– french fries
– mashed potatoes
– french fried mashed potatoes
– mashed french fries
Four places you’d rather be:
– My own private dog island
– In the arms of Thorsten Kaye
– Spain, eating patatas bravas with Elena
– Downtown
Four albums you can’t live without:
– Tea for the Tillerman – Cat Stevens
– Jangle (Jingle Java Jive, Vol. 2) – Jodi Verse
– Good Source of Protein – Zack Orion
– Thanks for the Ether – Rasputina
Four magazines you read:
– None (all subscriptions have lapsed)
Four cars you’ve owned:
– 1979 MGB
– 1493 Pinta
– 2015 Jodster X (prototype)
– Matchbox convertible (silver with red interior, and doors that actually flip open)
Four people to do this meme:
– None. I’m ending the cycle of abomination right here and now, damn it. But you are certainly free to participate in this meme on your own world-famous website and give me the appropriate credit.
Stay tuned. I’ll have real stuff for you soon.