Do you have nothing to celebrate tonight? Are you at home, about ready to go to bed just to avoid the gnawing pain of knowing that all the really fascinating people in the world are out there somewhere doing fascinating things, and that you don’t even have what it takes to halfheartedly hobnob with the hoi polloi? Do you need a reason to live?
I thought so. And that’s why I’m here to give you one really good reason. This: I have just added the 200th photo to my world-renowned Jodeats gallery! I would post a photo of the dish here, but that would mean you wouldn’t have to work for it, i.e. click on a link, which would sort of make me an enabler. And the last thing I want to do is encourage your inertia. Remember: All the cool kids dig clicking! If you want them to invite you out next Friday night, you’ll click and check out what I had for lunch today.
If you want to continue the celebration (and come on, you know you do), you’ll check out what my delightful dining companion, Kyria, posted today. She’s back from Spain and kookier than ever!
Please note, by the way, that I only have 156 photos of dogs in the Dogabout gallery. Does this mean that I like dogs only 78% as much as I like food? No. It does not. It just means that food is more of an attention whore, that’s all.