Snow What

Hello! Guess what! It is still snowing! It has snowed s(n)o(w) much that tonight’s INXS concert*, for which I have a very good ticket, has been postponed. I am having a very good time amusing myself with this singsongy thought: “Snow IN EXCESS of two feet has forced INXS to postpone the show.”
P.S. For lunch (since you’re wondering), I had tofu-tangles**, delightful rectangles of tofu baked/broiled in my very own oven, with a side of sautéed string beans, portabello mushrooms, sweet onion, and fresh garlic, and a lovely nest of greens sprinkled with pepitas.
* I must confess that I find J.D. Fortune rather on the “hot” side. Despite his arrogance and cockiness. Or perhaps because of it. But he still is no match for my truest of all true loves, the wonderfully lanky and flexible Marty Casey, the lead singer of Lovehammers (the band that is opening for INXS), who is the real reason I have a ticket to this thing.
** I just made up that name. Please feel free to hate it as much as I do.