I’ve been on a mind-bending, soul-expanding journey of self-growth for a few weeks. Learning things about myself that have moved me to my very core and caused me to flood my iced coffee with tears. Ordinarily I don’t share anything very private here on the very public internet, but I feel compelled to tell you about a life-altering discovery I’ve made, because, by sharing it, I may help you recognize something similar within yourself. And that is this:

No matter what amount of time I enter into the microwave keypad, I never let the microwave do its thing for the full time allotted. I will always, without fail, press STOP before the microwave has a chance to stop on its own.

This is but one of the many discoveries I’ve made during my self-imposed hiatus from the ordinary course of my life (refer to my recent mysterious note re: preoccupation) and ongoing mission of self-realization. I would reveal more of them, but I do not want to overload you in one sitting. Digest this, and then I’ll feed you anew.