Pulling the wool over my eyes!

Jennifer, an astute reader, broke the horrible news today in my comments to the previous entry [the one about the tiger and piglets, in case you’re either (1) too lazy to scroll down, (2) new to my site, or (3) have a memory the size of a flea riding on the back of a weeping unicorn].
Jennifer wrote: “This story isn’t true. See here: http://urbanlegends.about.com/library/bl_tiger_and_piglets.htm”.
I won’t make you go through all the hard work of highlighting, cutting, and pasting, so just click here to read the unbearable truth behind the unbearable cuteness.
Please refer to that entry’s comments for my shocked reaction and that of devoted reader “Ds”. Feel free to register your own shock, chagrin, and depression as well.
My guitar and I are gently weeping.