Case Study

In 38 minutes, I am meeting Max Babka*, a mystery Jew who left his card case in a cab I occupied yesterday afternoon. The card case is quite cute, with a matte black face with Babka’s name in silvery letters and a shiny silverplate or nickel back on which From the Sister You Never Wanted is engraved.
Fortunately Babka used the card case for the purpose for which it was intended, so inside were a few of his business cards. I left him voicemail when I got home, and he called me back this morning and left voicemail. I spoke to him this afternoon, and we are meeting at 6:00 so I can give him the case.
In my fantasy, he looks exactly like John Cusack and is going to fall in love with me as he approaches me where I wait for him on a bench, on the north side of a certain subway station. (I can’t/won’t tell you which one, because I do not want Mr. Babka to be intimidated by the throng of rabid fans that will surely swarm around me if word of my whereabouts gets out.)
In reality, he will look like Wallace Shawn and fall in love with me.
I will keep you posted.
* Real last name changed to protect what I’m sure is his innocence