Ad Nauseam

There are certain TV ads I can watch over and over again until I start bleeding from the ears. Anything for Cottonelle, featuring that outrageously squishable Lab puppy, even if it means having to suffer through a few seconds of pink-cheeked toddlers waddling over to the toilet. Anything with any other dog or animal. Geico, especially the one for “Tiny House”.
There are, of course, more annoying commercials than there are amusing ones. And there are some that downright nauseate me and cause in me such a visceral reaction that, as soon as I see or hear them, I have to change the channel or mute them and turn away lest my spleen slide up my esophagus, wiggle into my mouth, and plop out onto my lap, where it would surely sully my slacks.
One of these commercials is for Lamisil®. It features an animated cartoon character of some sort of nefarious fungus-animal intent on burrowing underneath the cartoon representation of a toenail that looms larger than life on the screen. The toenail is yellow, thick, and, to use a medical term, completely fucked-up. It lifts like a trap door or lid, thus inviting the fungus inside for a little look-see. After that, I have no idea what happens, because I’ve never watched further than this. Invariably I scream, avert my eyes, and, with trembling hand and heart, change the channel.
So, tell me. Is there a commercial that has a similar effect on you? Something a little less common than the usual offenders, like “feminine hygiene” products or The Gibbs School? Please feel free to deposit your disgust in my comments.