Apparently one of my dearest friends, the one and only Kyria Abrahams, has decided that she no longer wishes to be my friend — either dear, dearer, or dearest — and has chosen as her method of extricating herself from our friendship the dreadful practice of “tagging” me for participation in what the not-so-cool kids call a “meme”. In this one, I am supposed to tell you five things you don’t know about me.
As a final nod to what had been, until this unfortunate turn of events, one of the most enjoyable galpalships I’ve ever had, I am going to succumb. I’m grabbing the bullshit by the horns and playing along. Because hey, this is 2007, the Year of the Yes.
So, here you go, Ms. Abrahamsandwich. I hope you’re happy.

  1. Even if a piece of fruit I bought has rotted, I will still take a bite out of it before discarding it, so it doesn’t feel like its life went to waste.
  2. I can handwrite (cursive!) backwards.
  3. I have never been to the moon.
  4. I love math.
  5. I make really, really, really good soup.

There. So now you know.
In true annoying “meme” fashion, I am supposed to “tag” five people to do this. However, in the old Spirit of No, I am nipping it in this thing they call the bud. If you want to participate, however, please feel free to do so in my comments.
The floor is yours. (Careful. It’s slippery.)