Brooklyn has food

Okay, so Brooklyn may not have the internet, but it does have food. And mighty tasty food, at that. Take a gander at what I (and a special guest star) had at Red Hot the very first night I was there:

Red Hot Black Bean Tofu and Golden Green Jade
Q:  Does it get better than this?
A:  No, it does not.
A special shout-out (ugggh) to my adorable boy pals Cody and Cameron for suggesting the Red Hot Black Bean Tofu and Golden Green Jade, respectively. This scientifically proves my theorem that fellas (who, themselves, are red hot) whose names begin with “C” make fantastic recommendations.
Thanks, boys.
Update/Clarification, 1:21 p.m.:  Yes, I have had both of these dishes before. You may have noticed them in my Jodeats gallery. I would link to that gallery, but, really, it’s a bit of a mess right now, what with html lying around, all out in the open. Still, it’s there, if you want to check it out. But please know that I will not be held responsible if you trip over anything. “Slip and fall”, my ass.