If a cookie is baked and no one takes a photo of it, does it exist?
This is the sort of question that has perplexed me since time immemorial and memorial. I solved the “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” mystery the other day, in true Nancy Jew fashion (which means my coat is a lot more stylish than, say, this, and my magnifying glass is inlaid with the most darling mother-of-pearl and comes in a midnight blue cashmere pouch with a coordinating satin drawstring with silky tassels) — and the answer is “It doesn’t really matter, just finish your shepherd’s pie and move on to the pudding.”
I assure you that the cookies I baked did indeed exist — if only for a limited period of time, thanks to a certain fellow who found them so irresistible that they were not long for this or any other world. He can attest to their existence, but then again, he could be accused of collaborating with me to further his own interests, e.g. having me bake him more cookies in the future. I also assure you that the cookies were absolutely delicious, as he can (and, if he knows what’s good for him, will) attest. I know because in addition to the one I shared with him mere hours after their creation, I sampled four of them (one hot and one cooled-off from each of two batches) just to make sure I didn’t poison them.
However, what I’m lacking in cookie evidence I more than make up for with proof of soup. Check out this colorful bowl of love I made on Monday:

Potato Soup with Spinach (and other guest stars)
Also, this, which I eat almost every day (so now you know how I get that glow you’ve read so much about in the tabloids!):

Spinach Salad with Tofu
(and co-stars who are vying for, but will never receive, top billing)

You may notice that spinach features quite prominently in both of these dishes. This is not because I receive endorsements for promoting the use of spinach or because I am Taking Back The Spinach after all the scares a few months ago. It’s because I think spinach is cute and tasty, in addition to being chockful of vitamins and minerals that a growing boy like me needs. If I had a photo of the cookies, you would see that they, too, are chock-a-block with spinach. You have not lived until you’ve tasted a double chocolate spinach-chip cookie, trust me.
In the spirit of sharing that is an attendant part of the whole “look what I made!’ experience, I invite you to ask me for the recipes for anything you see here or for the cookies you don’t. Seeing is believing, yes, but so is not-seeing.
Thus concludes the deepest post I have ever written.

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