Even though the work week is about half over* (or will be around noon, if you work a “typical” day) (“Hey, wait, Jodi, I am anything but typical! I am a special, nonconformist snowflake with my own hopes and dreams and podcast!”) and you’re having a pretty good time listening to everyone you come into contact with call it “Hump Day” (which of course immediately makes you think of camels — and their special, well, toes), you’re already getting a little tired of it. Sure, it was hilarious over your first cup of coffee, but now that you’re on your sixth, it’s getting somewhat stale.
So what am I going to do about it? (Because, really, the burden is always on me, isn’t it.) I’m going to give you this. (Once there, hold down your left mouse button — or right, if you’re left-handed [does anyone actually switch the buttons on the mouse, anyway? I really want to know] for an added burst of fun.)
* for those of us on the East Coast. I do realize that many of you are from lands far away in other time zones.

0 thoughts on “Diversion

  1. It really is, isn’t it, Sally! And in person, it’s just INSANE, when all those layers are taking shape, adhering to each other — simultaneously surrounding him and leaping out into the audience. The energy was palpable and infectious. Absolutely incredible. Yeah, I thought he was keen.

  2. Yes, dear, it’s way cool. In fact, it’s coolness is only surpassed by you saying it was ‘keen’… Keen — Now how cool is that?

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