Keeping TaBs

My lady love and I are discussing my old favorite carbonated beverage, TaB (I just learned the proper way to present its name, thanks to Wikipedia!). The mere sight of its bright pink can used to fill me with all sorts of giddiness, even though the stuff tasted like crap. And this wasn’t just in comparison with delicious Diet Coke, because way back when I used to be a TaB devotee, Diet Coke wasn’t even in existence yet. (Yes, friends, I am that old.) Still, it filled me with joy and the aforementioned giddiness.
So what I want to know is this: Did you ever like TaB? Or do you now? I really want to know. And yes, I know there are more pressing issues in this world, such as “Did you always prefer one diet cola beverage to another?” but I like to tackle the small stuff first. (For the so-called record, I used to prefer Diet Pepsi to Diet Coke, and would have fought to the death to defend my position. Now it’s the other way around. And here you thought I wasn’t open-minded.)
Please weigh in. I needs to know! (And I’m sure Kyria does too. Even though she’ll pretend it’s not as important as, say, a French feeelm.)

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