0 thoughts on “Let this be a warning to mew

  1. Ah, the fragrant aroma of childhood circus incidents gone awry wafting about in the springtime. Like that shrill piercing call of Pale Male as he wings about over Central Park dropping his greetings on all the birdwatchers below…
    While Jodi’s traumas obviously deal with unicycles and eye-level asses (insert your own imagery there)… Mine have more to do with mimes. Creepy little bastards, mimes. They wear make-up, don’t talk and do contortions. Much like the Blue Men. Only the Blue Men are funny. Mimes are just creepy.
    >moonwalks out and into an imaginary box

  2. mmmm…mimes! They’re HOTTT! And so are the Blue Men for that matter…curious little guys discovering everything for the very first time…Hee! It THRILLS the imagination!

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