Blue confession

I just ironed my jeans.
Please feel free to de-link, de-friend, and deride me. I deserve it.

0 thoughts on “Blue confession

  1. Oh, Dear Jeffrey, there are far worse places for Jodi than the South. Like maybe somewhere where everyone talks like they have sausages and cheese curds stuffed up their noses. Run, Jodi, Run!!

  2. Under my Christmas tree, completely naked save for the cellophane clingwrap wrapping paper and strategically placed bow. (There’s only one, so you’ll have to decide where you’d like it strategically placed.)Next to your immobilized form is a small wrapped box, about 2-inches by 2-inches by 14-inches, whose tag simply reads, “8 D-cell batteries not included.”
    Now that’s what I’d like to see Christmas moaning. I mean morning. Christmas morning.
    But my bet is your in Arkansas suckling razorbacks and swapping grits recipes with the fella’s relations… Trying to decide which is better frickaseed, gator or watersnake, and taking bets on the waterbeetle races down by the ol’ bayou…
    Happy Holidays everyone!
    – Ds

  3. You, my dear, with your hair in pigtails, must be in Walnut Grove, Minnesota, waiting for Paw to come in from the barn and for Mary to come home from the school for the blind.
    Smack Albert on the butt for me… he was kind of cute.

  4. Curious… I thought surely you’d never find your way out of my crawl space. Now, I must waste my days searching for another love slave to entrap… I mean, enTRANCE…

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