Drink tank

When posting a sign indicating that the water obtained from a public source is not potable, you may want to keep in mind that the kind of person who would be trying to drink from that source in the first place probably won’t know what “potable” means, but will probably just slurmur* to himself, “Well, it don’ matter if it ain’t potable. I don’ wanna take it nowheres anyway.”
* Yes, I made up this word. You can figure it out. Just put on your drinking cap.

0 thoughts on “Drink tank

  1. HAAA!!! Isn’t this a perfect example of why you prefer dogs to humans?
    Way to piss off mommie jamied:
    4 year old: play dress up with 3 pound tea-cup chihuahua with mommie’s mascara. When asked why helpless, little LuLu is wet, shaking, and covered in black, slowly hide the mascara wand that mommie has already seen behind your back and say, “I don’t know?”
    When asked why there are black marks on the inside of the toilet shrug your shoulders and say, “I don’t know?”

  2. Way to piss off mommie jamied’s husband:
    Husband: “Seriously, honey, why is the dog black?”
    4-year-old: “Because, Daddy, I always hear Mommy tell LaTwon, “I can’t ever get back once I’ve gone black, dawg!”
    Husband: “Who’s LaTwon, baby?”
    4-year-old: “Mommy calls him my ‘while you’re at work Daddy’.”

  3. Ways to piss of biodad:
    While humming a jolly little dittie only you know, open 14 packets of ketchup and squeeze them onto the table. Using your index finger, spread the ketchup around until you have an approximate circle. Continuing your fingerpainting, make two eyes and a smile. Then underneath in large ketchup letters, write, “Have a nice day!”
    Giggle openly at your own creativity as you smear the “c” off of the “d” in day, so that as you get up and leave it now reads, “Have a nice lay!”
    Make sure you suck the ketchup off of your finger as you leave.

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