Self-imposed meme

Like my wonderful friend Scott, I usually don’t do memes, but this one caught my fancy (and if you knew anything about my fancy, you would know it is elusive) and I decided to give it a spin.
Generate a fake band and its first album:
The first article title on the page is the name of your band.
The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.
The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.
And here you have it:

0 thoughts on “Self-imposed meme

  1. I notice that you use clauses and prepositional phrases in such abundance per sentence, as to make Goethe, Nietzsche, and Kant envious. Your writing style is very Germanic. I apologize, but I am working on those items with 3 of my 7 classes of Korean kids, and can’t help but notice.
    BY the way, when was it that we had to begin using a comma before ‘and’ when listing items in a sentence? I know we had to do it when I was little, then it stopped when I was a teen. Somewhere in my 20s it came back again.
    Oh wait! What do I do that’s charitable? I change world perspectives on America, one child at a time.
    His Yakness

  2. I think you’re okay using the labels as long as they don’t feature a little ad for the charity on them. But even if they do, a sticker is still a terrible thing to waste. By not simply tossing them or recycling them, you can rationalize that you’re indirectly supporting Greenpeace.
    I used to give a bit of money to Greenpeace every month but I can’t afford it anymore, both morally and financially.

  3. I contribute to women who have penis envy. These poor women, longing to have the same “tackle and bait” as their male counterparts, are in desperate need. I try to volunteer as many afternoons as I can by letting them borrow mine. I also give them, again at no charge, an orgasm to strong that they will, for a while, be sated as they are, sans-schlong.
    I’m like a religious guru, a regular Ravi Shanker.

  4. It is bad karma, bad feng shui, bad “The Secret”, bad Suze Orman, if you do not give charitable donations on a regular basis. I would say you should absolutely use the labels, but send five bucks to the charity of your choice if the label-makers aren’t doing it for you. (Or instead of donating money you could read to blind children- did you EVER consider doing that, Jodi?)

  5. I so use those stickers. I consider it a form of recycling. And I haven’t donated one cent to starving children, the tree huggers or that Catholic charity that keeps me in address labels…

  6. The series comma is, of course, omitted in Associated Press style. When I’m not writing or editing for a newspaper, I have to force myself to remember that.
    I think the number of I’s they use should be proportionate to the size of the donation they want: “Jodiiiii, won’t you send us some moneyyyyyy?” It makes them sound whiny, as it should.
    And why can’t we feed the children to the re-beaked chickens? I mean, we apparently have no qualms about feeding chickens to chickens. Jonathan Swift would so approve.

  7. Hello jamied, I’m the Thomas that has been the direct cause of Jodi’s monitor’s sheen of iced coffee for about 4 years now.
    I’m alternatively a cad with a lothario’s appeal and a lothario with a cad’s appeal. I may occasionally be known to say something insightful and intelligent… usually under the influence of pharmaceuticals.
    I’ve seen you here multiple times. Nice to “meet” you.

  8. As I am evidently late to the party, I shall completely refrain from making comment of any kind on any of the numerous things I could (and probably should) be commenting about here.
    Consider that my charitable contribution for the year.
    (I wonder if I can write that off?….)

  9. I know who you are, Thomas. I’ve “seen” you around. I’m just noting your generosity. You’re not a selfish one. 😉
    O.K. I’ll stop now before I get in trouble.

  10. Jamied,
    I’m only human, and can be quite selfish. If I’ve planted my face between your thighs and practicing my “ABC’s” with the tip of my tongue on the most holy of places on a woman, I would be loathe to let even Jodi share in the succulent treasure perched at that altar of sensuality.
    Unless Jodi would be me bang her in the can, ’cause that’s hawt.

  11. “I shall completely refrain from making comment of any kind.”
    (…so much so that I won’t even use my own words so I stay completely out of trouble. I am completely innocent and blameless. I’m like a pure white angel with halos and stuff.)

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