A few words, please

Okay, so I’m going to spell this out for you, in whatever the equivalent of “loud and clear” is when something is merely read and not actually uttered (unless you’re reading this aloud, which you are free to do within the confines of your own home but which you must pay me a royalty for if you read them in an acting class or on stage), so we can all move on and live our lives and I don’t have to carry, deep inside my viscera and soul, the disdain and resentment that have been residing there, where they are progressing from mere back burner simmering to full-on front burner boiling.
Here goes: In playing Scrabulous, you should not be permitted to use words that seemingly never existed before the advent of the game or its ancestor, Scrabble. The only words permitted should be those that you can use or have heard in an ordinary day that doesn’t involve you being abducted by aliens who, while probing you in places that secretly thrill you, also injected you with a vocabulary that has yet to be unveiled on this planet. So please please please, kindly refrain from dragging your tiles to form such eye-rolling blatherskite as KLAXONNERAIT or PROSPONDICOUS or EXCRASCONDONE.
Especially since I just made up two of them.
P.S. I must confess to using QI, but only because I saw it included in the list of acceptable two-letter words, when I was checking to see if IQ was. (It was not.)

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