A little-known fact

5. I’ll bet you didn’t know I have an Amazon WishList.
I’m not begging. Just informing, as part of a “meme” that Sass “tagged” (yes, I must surround these words by quotation marks) me for last month. I will complete the list (it calls for six items) this weekend.
Stay tuned!

0 thoughts on “A little-known fact

  1. OWWWwwwwwwww!!! Damn you, Jodi. I think I sprained my sacroiliac while tidying up my display area. Now my calls to attract a female will be for naught, as I will be unable to offer up my best, be it considered good enough or not.

  2. The key is not so much in balancing on the branch, as it is to have the supernaturally sized grin while dancing in front of your sexy lady. It’s easy when the lady is that sexy.

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