Nothing to see here …

If you came here earlier and the whole “front page” was blank and as white as the driven snow (P.S. snow is so hoity-toity that it has its own driver to take it around town?) and you thought perhaps this website wonderland had been cleared out by bandits or jackals or thugs, or looted for spare parts and words, and you started wailing and tearing your hair out and cursing the so-called “gods” that you only believe exist when something extreme happens but can’t be bothered with when things are just humming along nicely like a refrigerator in the dark, well, then you would be doing exactly what I did about 20 minutes ago.
But now everything’s fine. Everything’s back up and running — or at least trekking really really fast up a steep incline on a treadmill, which is what I’d be doing right now if only I had remembered to set my alarm last night. But instead, I missed my ride to the sweatshop, and instead found myself sweating in the privacy of my own home upon finding my site in a state of disappearance. (See, I think this situation is punishment for my failure to punish myself at the gym this morning. Everything happens, as they say, for a reason.) (And by “they” I mean this faceless mass of body parts with all the good looks of a toothy teratoma.)
So move along, move along. Come on. There’s nothing to see here.
Well, now there is.
Toodles, ta, and carry on.

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  1. I saw that phrase, and at first I thought it seemed palindromic. But of course it’s not. what about an anagram? Perhaps the warning that you may end up vomitting is hidden within. “Relive Vile Shit”

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