Oh, brother

If you ever hear me referring to a female friend as a/my “sister”, you have my permission to remove my uterus by whatever means you fancy, without anaesthesia or even a tampon to clench between my teeth.
This is my promise/vow to you.

0 thoughts on “Oh, brother

  1. HAAA!!! I LOVE IT!
    Jodi, this. is. GENIOUS!
    I know someone from my past that I want to take a potato peeler to and demasculate one slice at a time. Maybe even fry up the slices and make him eat them.

  2. jamied – … … ….. oh skip it.
    jodi – well, that explains the difficulty i’ve had walking the past few months and my inability to achieve anything even close to sexual arousal. I guess I’ll just sit here and wait for my impending brain-clot.
    :taking them both off of my valentine’s day card list::

  3. Ladies, don’t think for one second that converting to lesbianism will help.
    I have an ex for whom I wish no “legias” upon, I just hope she keeps the exact same personality so she’ll have to continue to live with it.
    Well, that and some major breast droopage.

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