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Given what you know of me, or what you think you know of me, based on either your perception of me via my online “persona” or your interpretation of me via my offline persimmon, tell me what you think I should rent next on Netflix. Sure, I have quite a line-up waiting in my queueueueueueueueueueueueueue (12 extra “ue”s, in case you’re wondering) (it is physically impossible for me to just leave that word alone with the mere two “ue”s it was born with — in fact, even as I look at the title of this, the most exciting post in all of blogdom, my fingers linger over the keyboard and itch to crash over its keys a la syphillis-ravaged Schubert in a particularly maniacal mode, hammering out “ueueue” until I bleed from my ears and fingertips), but still, I want to know what you think I should watch. And why. So tell me. (And please don’t suggest porn. Or anything with Tom Cruise. Or any combination of the two.)

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  1. I disagree, Jodi Love. Because I am LOSING like a BIG DUMB LOSER to you right now, I think I should be able to use whatever combination of letters the computer will allow me to put together whether I know what it means or not! ESPECIALLY since it keeps calling mine “Invalid Entries” when I KNOW it IS valid and is CLEARLY accepting bribes from you. When the computer takes pitty on me and will accept words I have never heard of, it feels very…well…validating.

  2. All games bring out the worst in me. Years ago my mom said she wouldn’t play Monopoly with me anymore because I acted like a “slumlord.”

  3. I’m with jamied about the computer accepting magic pity words (when one is in a proverbial pickle – RUN WITH IT DS). And I love “Qi” (an Chinese word, I believe, meaning “life energy”)

    However, though I laughed my ass off at your “blatherskite,” I believe you can rest easy about seeing any of THOSE words:

    Seven tiles, Love, seven tiles…

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