To tide you over …

… until I have something of my own to say, please enjoy this (sound required).
Hovering over the navigation (don’t you love when I sound like I know what I’m talking about?) is fun enough, but the real fun is in watching the TV ad. (No matter what, though, “the stain” will never beat out the Cottenelle puppy.)
If you’re loath to watch commercials because you refuse to be an unwitting pawn in the evil game of advertising or because you simply “never watch TV” in a show of highbrow hoity-toity haughtiness, then, well … yes … disdain’s for you.

0 thoughts on “To tide you over …

  1. I have a wish list, too.
    It involves a suite at the Ritz Carlton and a surprise visit from you, where we spend an afternoon doing things far too racy to blog about.
    Then we go out for Indian food, and maybe a movie.

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