Whoa, baby (revealed)

Remember when I asked you to identify what you thought this is?
Well, it’s this:

Diapered baby baubles are a girl’s best friend
Who needs boring old diamonds from Tiffany’s when she can have Baby Scorpio from The New Kids Zodiac collection by Karen Silverman?
You can find this fabulousness somewhere on East Seventh Street, between First and Second Avenues, on the north side of the street. You can only buy it, though, if you ask where I would like you to send it.

0 thoughts on “Whoa, baby (revealed)

  1. OMG!!! OH! MY! GOD!
    Jodi, I will listen to this every night before I go to bed as I snuggle and make out with my pillow!

  2. Wait, I take that back. How silly of me to forget that my life will not be complete until we go out for vegan cuisine, followed by shoe shopping and dog face smooshing.

  3. Hawt.
    Way Hawt.
    Too Hawt.
    And I’m supposed to sleep after that? I sleep after the State of the Union address… After you I need a cold shower and a stiff drink.

  4. token fella = asshole
    or at least completely tone deaf, as that is the first notion that I ever had that it rhymed.
    I’m not worthy.

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