Blue Ball

I’d like to say I’m so focused at the gym that I don’t notice what other people are doing, but it’s impossible to avoid looking at the mat area when it’s only a few feet from my treadmill and people are conspicuously stretching. As if the spread legs (in shorts), sweat-wet crotches, and bulbous exposed bellies aren’t enough fodder for disgust, I must witness this one scrawny schlub who looks like he’s fucking the blue Swiss ball — and fucking it badly, with tremendously poor form. If that’s how he moves against plastic, I shudder to imagine him against flesh.

0 thoughts on “Blue Ball

  1. OMG!!! I had an organ just like this when I was a kid! I played “Buffalo Gals” for everyone sitting at my mom’s perfectly perfect table for Thanksgiving at our house before we all lowered our heads in prayer. It was all so strangley choreographed and official-like. huh. I forgot all about that.

  2. No, Karen Zipdrive, I’m a kick ass Texas girl just like you! đŸ˜‰ So, it’s not just kick ass Jewish New Yorker’s that have or had “organ’s” and like to play with them.

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