Dirt Wedding

On days when I have no time to contribute anything original, I’m glad people exist who do.
Check out Steven Miller’s fabulous Dirt Wedding series, which I found via my good friend Scott.
Tomorrow I will delight you with something of my own that will have nothing to do with weddings. Really.

0 thoughts on “Dirt Wedding

  1. Congratulations on eating even two of those gulab jamun (jumuns?). They’re tasty, but whenever I splurge on an Indian buffet I can only eat one, having already gluttoned on papadum and naan.

  2. In the first dish, I believe I can identify lentils and also one piece of cauliflower. I’m sure it was all delicious, it just doesn’t look that way.

  3. Oh my God, I love Indian food. That’s it, tomorrow I’m going to the Hare Krishna temple for their lunchtime buffet. It’s all vegetarian, and the halvah for dessert is enough to make you come at the table. No, really, it’s that good.

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