Office Surprise

Every night, the scissors, six-inch ruler, and letter-opener on my desk climb out of their “caddy”, tiptoe to the desk’s edge, shimmy down one of its legs, and creep along their bellies to my bedside. The scissors stands up, spreads its blades for balance, and then hoists the others onto the bed, where they lie down and extend themselves to grab his two heads and pull him up.
“I’m the ruler of the universe!” the ruler always whispers. You’d think the other two wouldn’t laugh every time, but they do. So I wake up, thwarting their plans, whatever they are.

0 thoughts on “Office Surprise

  1. Is your collection of porn so complete that suggesting a rare title would be folly?
    If so, might I borrow ‘Smokey and the Beaver – Part II’? It was made in 1980 and I’ve worn my old vhs copy out..

  2. “Spring Summer Fall Winter And Spring” “3-Iron” “Fall” “Tony Takitani” “The Baxter” “Never Again” “Buffalo ’66” “Two-Lane Blacktop” “The Wages of Fear”

  3. have yourself a tiny little adrian lyne film festival.
    commence with flashdance (best movie EVer), proceed with 9 1/2 weeks (best movie EVer), fatal attraction (best movie EVer), and top it off with jacob’s ladder (best movie EVer).

  4. Lee, do you mean the recent “La Vie en Rose” about Edith Piaf or the one about the absolutely adorable cross-dressing boy (which I’ve seen)?
    Sass, you left out “Unfaithful” in your Lyne-up. I don’t know who’s hottttter — Diane Lane or Olivier Martinez.

  5. Two ways to see great Heath Ledger performances:
    Casanova—really! Shot entirely on location in Venice (I also recommend watching the director’s commentary). Hallstrom says he wanted to make a movie that was like drinking a glass or two of champagne (He’s European), and it’s a rather fun, clever romp.
    Candy—not just another movie about junkies. This is Australian, so you get to hear Ledger’s resonant voice “doing” his own accent. Lovingly, unsentimentally directed. Brilliant acting. Sigh.

  6. Your most recent post has reminded me of two amazing movies set in India. The first is “Born into Brothels”, which you have probably heard of or already seen, as it won the Oscar for Best Documentary a few years ago. The other is called “Water” by director Deepa Mehta. Both are indescribably beautiful.
    While I’m here, I might as well second CodyClarke’s recommendation for “Spring Summer Fall Winter and Spring”. Great film.

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