Yes, I LOL at this!

This was the most amusing item that found itself into my work day today:

“Initially, before the surgery, he had been tolerating the pain medication. Following the surgery, he was confused, sedated, and hallucinating. His wife noted that he complained of seeing Santa Claus outside, riding a bicycle and so forth.”

What was yours?
Please note, of course, that you do not have to work at a desk to answer this question. I am sure there is a great deal of amusement to be found while dangling from a scaffold, assembling dolls, or teaching archery to senior citizens as well. Please note, further, that if you do not have a “work day”, per se, but are one of these stay-at-home parents I’ve heard so much about or are retired (and possibly learning archery) or are a middle school student, you can adjust the question accordingly to suit your particular situation.

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