Curried Away

I know what he’s saying … but do you? Please take a stab!
(No fair if you are familiar with the songs of Mohd-Rafi!)
(Turn up the volume!)

0 thoughts on “Curried Away

  1. *sigh* These installments were all too brief.
    I hope you realize you’ve created a monster. If you flag in this endeavour (look at me, I’m talking like Mrs. Wertheimer) I shall be most disappointed in you. Most.

  2. Brilliant!
    Alejandro has immersed me in reverie of my very own Manuel the masseuse.
    Please, please, PLEASE tell me that’s not the end?!
    I’m BEGGING, Jodi.
    …on my knees
    …looking up at you with wanton eyes
    …hoping my humiliating display is being spied upon and enjoyed by some dark mysterious stranger.

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