I would not cry if I had to live here – #1

Yes, the “#1” is an indication that this is going to be a series!
I will not divulge actual street addresses, though, because I do not want some of my more rabid, eager-to-please (read: eager to get into my Will or my pants) readers to take drastic measures to separate the current residents from their residence as a first step in planting me there. Also, I just plain ol’ don’t know the street for this one. However, I am willing to bet someone’s life (not anyone too dear to me, though) that it is in the mid to upper West 70s, somewhere between Broadway and Columbus.
This series will showcase (a/k/a I’ll take a pixture ‘n’ hope it comes out at least 74% decent enough to “share”) a place that isn’t necessarily a palace, because I’m not into anything too grand or unapproachable. (Unless you’re a man. Then I thrive on your grand unapproachability.) And although I am quite certain some of you think I’m some sort of princess, it just isn’t so.

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