Magnus, Revisited

When all else fails, I go to the dogs.
But then again, this is hardly failure. Wouldn’t you agree?

What does she mean by “revisited”? Have we seen this glorious four-month-old Rhodesian Ridgeback before? Why, yes. Yes, we have. But does it mean she went back to Miami to see him? No. No, it does not.

0 thoughts on “Magnus, Revisited

  1. …on a plane to two step in Texas!
    (My own momma and pappa fingers cross. While they’re there thinking about Jodi’s fingers, Pappa Finger slowly and seductively rubs Momma Finger’s skin…then Pappa Finger gets another coat of “Hard as Nails”)

  2. I just got some hits back from CODIS on some fingerprints found at Dennis Hof’s World Famous Bunny Ranch in Nevada. They were found on a very nice riding crop…

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