Shut your eggroll

I am not being facetious when I ask, Is it impossible to whisper in Chinese?
(This is also not a rhetorical question or a riddle.)

0 thoughts on “Shut your eggroll

  1. So, didjya scoop the sushi? That’ll teach the guy for cranking the headphones while an order’s on the way.
    (Hoping he didn’t kick it or anything hellish.)
    Hope too, that ya don’t mind me barging in on your ‘Verse like this, Ms Jodi–I just had to after being told be a Net Friend, “Itadaki Mouse”, that you and I are of the same cut o’ clothe.
    Ahhhhh, New Yawk, and in the Spring time. I bet it’s every bit as cool as gay Pareeeeeeeee.
    bon weekend,

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