A ream, deferred

Something happened this morning that caused my always vigilant liver to produce enough delicious bile to last several hours. And although I would like nothing more than a Levain Bakery chocolate chip walnut cookie the size of a baby’s head and just as gooey, and to share the details of this morning’s event, neither is going to happen right now. In the first instance, I am “saving up” for this Sunday, to indulge in wedding cake that I am told will make me eat my words, so I don’t want to ruin it with a cookie appetizer several days in advance. And in the second, I just don’t feel like spewing right now. Rest assured, however, that tomorrow, when I consider the event again and dwell on it sufficiently to cause a fresh batch of bile, I will fill you in. For now, though? No.
Instead, because I believe in maintaining balance in my oft tortured psyche, I will share a few items that never fail to make me extremely happy, no matter what:

  • Babies in sunglasses
  • Dogs with ponytails
  • Dogs carrying their own leashes
  • Dogs stealing sunglasses from babies
  • This:

benicetotrees1.jpg benicetotrees2.jpg
When I saw this last month, I started getting all Weepy Jew about how lovely people truly are, remembering Anne Frank’s quote, “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.” This reverie lasted for about three minutes, until I passed the construction site and came upon a group of maybe half a dozen loudmouth kids tugging with all their might on the branch of a dogwood tree until they wrenched it apart for no good reason at all. And then I thought, “Yeah, whatever, Anne Frank. Talk all pretty ‘n’ whatnot, but look what happened to you.”
Tomorrow: Biliousness.

0 thoughts on “A ream, deferred

  1. Mrs. Z still says “Off like a prom dress!” which was stolen from DJ John DiBella from WMMR 93.3FM in 1984.

  2. Jodi, you made a spelling mistake, it should be, “But I, UNLIKE Britney Spears, am a human…”
    Britney Spears… a human… Jodi, you made me laugh with that typo.

  3. Gee. I wish I made typos so I could be human, too. Unfortunately, my prose is nothing short of perfect each and every time I type it out on my damn mobile phone whilst speding through end-of-day traffic.
    But still, leave Jodi alone. She’s got nice punctuation points.

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