Cook’s Corner!

YAY! :o)
Oh, YAY!
That is all.
I resume some semblance of a so-called intelligent adult tomorrow.
Stay tuned.

0 thoughts on “Cook’s Corner!

  1. And for those of you who happen to catch a glimpse of a small Jewess with amazing arms and a wicked smile, feel free to ignore second part of Jodi’s missive, because it is ALL good stuff. And your imagination isn’t capable of doing her justice.

  2. The other day I had a dream. I envisioned Hillary Clinton in a wet-look, black latex jumper angrily whipping a naked and on all fours doggy style Newt Gingrich.
    The former speaker of the house had his speaker stuffed with a rubber dog chew toy.
    I don’t know what was worse, that mental visualization or the fact that I kept screaming, “Oprah! Oprah! Oprah!” in my sleep.
    Of course, I had had my daily sauerkraut and hot fudge cherry jubilee sundae right before bed, but really, Oprah?

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