I would not cry if I had to live here – #2

You can find this house on West 75th Street, between West End Avenue and Broadway. The house on the left, alas, is “no more”. I am quite sure it is being replaced by yet another soulless condo-type atrocity.
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  1. How thought provoking was this post.
    Though, as a Texan, I am not exposed to the concentration of wealth one finds in NYC, I know some old-monied Texans whose fortunes would dwarf most New Yorkers.
    One friend of mine hosted a 4th of July party at her parents’ estate while they were vacationing in Europe. Concerned that the hot Texas sun would make the pool water too warm, she arranced for an ice company to deliver three refrigerator-sized ice cubes to cool the water.
    Her family’s ranch is not measured in acerage, it’s measured in time. “It takes about five hours to drive across the property,” she says.
    Still, she’s trapped in the trappings.
    As a non-lipstick lesbian, she’s constantly having to dress, coiff and look the part of a weathy Texas heiress. She has to deny her sexual orientation and hide so much of who she is to her parents.
    She envies my middle class family’s openness and acceptance. She marvels at the fact that we don’t have to don costumes or pretend to be straight to be around our families.
    Another lesbian friend of mine was heiress to the King Ranch fortune. She balked at their restrictions and was cut off, with only a few million dollars to tide her over.
    As a result, she’s insane in her miserly ways.
    She uses recycled magazine ads as envelopes and sends her friends bills for dinners she’s hosted.
    Another gay person I know- a man who inherited his father’s vast oil fortune-turned out to be a raging drunk and sex addict.
    The woman you wrote about is presumably straight and fits in without much effort. The dilemma of having to dress for dinner for mummy and daddy hardly seems worth the time it took her to write about it.
    Sounds to me like she was bragging.

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