Like the wind

Everyone has a grand time watching Billy Boman flop his flubby way down Laskey Boulevard with the rest of the marathoners in smalltown Picton. They’ve never seen a fatso running down the street barefoot, only in pajama bottoms, his cheeks puffing in a way that’s kinda gross but, in a weird way, kinda cute.
He can’t keep up with the skinny runners, of course, so why’s he keep looking over his shoulder like that? And what’s with the tears running down his fat red face? You’d think he’d be happy to see his dad catching up to him so fast!

0 thoughts on “Like the wind

  1. I would have been forced to interrupt their game by screaming to everyone, “A SPY! She admits she’s a damn, dirty Al Queda SPY!”
    The child would have learned a valuable lesson.

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