The truth, down below

The next time you’re on the subway, take a li’l looksee at everyone else and imagine them nude. Not just in their underwear, but full-on, full-out nude. In whatever position they happen to be in at the time. (This means no picturing them stretched out on a bed or suspended from an elaborate series of ropes and pulleys.) But don’t picture the “good” stuff about nudity. Focus on the road less traveled — the rolls of flesh roosting just above their laps, the uneven tits, the errant hairs and moles and blemishes. The grosser you can imagine it, the better.

0 thoughts on “The truth, down below

  1. Done, Jodsey.
    Just so you know, I have been calling you Jodsey in my head for YEARS, but have only just now decided to “come out” with it and now that it’s out I’m not sticking it back in. đŸ˜‰
    Mel Oderous, ROFL!

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