I may be taking a few days “off” from this place.
Tell me why I shouldn’t, and maybe I won’t.

0 thoughts on “Perhaps

  1. I am so awesome. I apologise for getting the correct answer so quickly, and depriving your other readers of the pleasure.

  2. So…you were ironing in the Flatkansas Building where there’s no scaffolding around any Thai food anywhere, correct?

  3. As for guessing the size of your new dress: exactly how many fudgy brownies did you eat at the farmer’s market?

  4. Pete: Don’t be so hard on yourself. You did not deprive my other readers of the pleasure. I purposely did not heap congratulations on you immediately upon noting your correct answer — not because I didn’t want to acknowledge your awesomeness but because I didn’t want to make anyone else feel less awesome than they might feel when thinking they had the correct answer.
    Lee: That sort of amalgam comment makes me smirk mightily, a la Patsy Stone.
    Mrs. Z: I ate somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3 of the fudgy brownie. I shared (!) it with my boyfriend, who, as a hint, is not the same dress size as I am.

  5. All this boyfriend talk depresses me. How are we ever supposed to fall madly in love over a shared plate of Shanghai Dumplings? If this whole boyfriend issue continues, I’ll be forced to return to my original crush, Sarah Michelle Gellar. Unless, of course, she makes another awful Scooby-Doo movie. Then I’ll be forced to move you back up in the rankings, boyfriend or not.

  6. Size 2. I was going to say size 0, but there’s no way on earth anything about you is a zero (except maybe the dress size and still I can’t imagine putting a non-number anywhere near your name, you’re that substantial to me)

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