0 thoughts on “And away she goes

  1. Because you are a wealth of entertainment and you inspire others (such as myself) to write.
    I’ve been reading your blogs for almost two years. I came across your blog by mistake while doing an internet search and have been reading your blog ever since. Actually, your blog is the ONLY blog that I read.

  2. First, either Angelina (who went ‘blog’-crazy in her statement) is wonderfully mocking or she has never read your BLOG or she would know you have often told us you hate the word BLOG!
    Next, we NEED you to be here everyday. How else will we know what Jodi is up to?
    Who do you think you are Ross and Rachel?

  3. Because you know we’ll all just check your blog every hour on the hour for an update anyway. Have pity on our poor peasant souls, Queen Jodi, Veritable Heroin(e) of the Internet.

  4. Yes. I am actually quite aware of how she does not like the “b” word and even more so now that you (Mrs. Z) have put me on the spot! 😉
    Her talent is adored by many, I’m sure. 🙂
    Jodi, You have use hooked! It would be unfair and cruel to leave us hanging with only your archives to satisfy our fix for the “buttery, bite-sized bits of tender bitchiness” in which you provide us.

  5. Whoops! I meant to say/type “You have us (not use) hooked!”
    Ok, I now feel better! 🙂

  6. I could get all mushy, but you hate that crap.
    You do what you need to do, for you, and no one else.
    If perchance you make it back, I’m sure most of us will still be around
    If you don’t… Thanks. For your wit. For your insight. For your ability to take a motley group of strangers and make them into a truly dysfunctional family.
    We’ll always have Scrab.
    BTW – Twister’s ass? Di-fucking-vine.
    See ya in the funny papers – Blessed be.

  7. But not a JoDivine ass, fo sho.
    I need to comment more. I have to read you every day or else I get the shakes.
    (I hope that is not motivation for you to take days off.)

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