Sweet Potato Burritos

My hosts at the mystery location prepared this vegan fabulousness for dinner tonight. (Please wear protective goggles to avoid transient blindness caused by staring directly into the tofu sour cream.) I can’t even tell you how fantastic it was. So I won’t. I will, however, provide a link to the recipe upon my return home.

0 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Burritos

  1. I love the image of you walking around with the rhinestone in your palm. There are also a few other images I enjoy…
    Welcome Back! We love and missed you!

  2. Then it’s $20 well spent, as the lovely J has a penchant for sharing her experiences and photos and meanderings on all things culinary, especially as they pertain to either Thai or Tofu.
    I have no problem being her ‘musings-spot’ john, funelling her illicit booty through pimp Token…
    (Notice i didn’t say ‘blog’ cuz i know she hates it. Crap. I just said blog. Darn it, I just said it again. Sorry for saying ‘blog’, Jodi. CRAP!)

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