Zippity Doo Dah

Feel free to sort of hum/whistle the jaunty ol’ tune of the above name not only while reading this but all the livelong day. Or whip out your kazoo (down, boys!) and blow (down, down boys!) it out into the stratosphere, which, in case you did not know, is where all “ear worm” tunes go once they burst free from wherever they had hitherto been held thankfully captive.
Or, if not Zippity Doo Dah, then I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, thanks to the inclusion of “all the livelong day”, above.
Either way, feel free to merrymake with one or the other or both of these li’l ditties ’til everyone around you grinds his or her teeth into a delightful handful of enamel crumbles and dentin dust with the roots soon to follow.
All this, because I simply want to say that these days things are just a blur, a zigzag zim zam zoom of kaleidoscopic whatnot and whozit, the various components of which are not even as discernible as Zippy the Pinhead’s observation of his own experience, “All life is a blur of Republicans and meat” — a statement I proudly and valiantly wore on a small round button pinned to the chest of my Gap denim jacket more than 20 years ago while standing somewhere off to the side in a Center City Philadelphia bar cleverly called The Irish Pub, silently deflecting a bleary-eyed parade of hapless first wave yuppies who realized, after one perplexed glance at my cup of coffee, that they would have a much more difficult time getting into my Calvin Kleins than they would into those of my friend Debbie, seated blue-eyed and perky and beer-mugged on a barstool just two feet away.
These days I wake up really early and go to bed way too late, and in between my days are filled with a blur of Scrabulous, scrambled tofu, dogface-smooshing, and a whole host of other hilarity my lawyer informs me I am not at liberty to divulge. I barely have time to fill my Big Gulp cup with my customary blend of iced bile. So, if my public indulgences of vitriol here on my world-famous website are far and few between, that’s just too bad. And you are thus left with Thought #2, the little brother companion to Thought #1:

My oh my, what a wonderful day.

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  1. Red Vines, Tara! Until you have eaten a whole box of Red Vines (and none of this Twizzlers junk) you really haven’t lived life to its fullest, burst the grape against your palate as old Keats would say! Red Vines! You can get a box at Walgreens or, oddly, Bed,Bath and Beyond. The Universe is mysterious….

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