Here is where I have been since yesterday and will be until further notice. Can you guess the location?
Hint: It is pretty.

0 thoughts on “Away

  1. Welcome to the midwest. Next time drive the 100 miles to visit a brother, or tell him you’re playing in his backyard.
    “Hoosier mama? I dunno, but I know who my daddy is!”

  2. Part of the beauty of urban living is that each city has something unique to offer. Nothing need be on the grand scale of say, New York, to be interesting. I’m glad you’re one such lady to recognize this. Then again, I’ve always known this about you.

  3. Who couldn’t love Lucy or Figbash (the only cat in my 40 years to fall asleep on my chest)? And the city too, with such expert tour guides. I hope Scott showed you the perfect male ass at the Soldiers & Sailors monument. If not, you’ll have to come back.

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